The world changed rapidly during Covid, a name that an entire world learned in a few days and feared. 

As the economy saw its greatest downturn all that held it together was once a neglected cross section of this country. It’s our Local Businesses. That is our true Gift; our local businesses. 

Therefore, team Arona Digital decided to create a multivendor platform with the local businesses to share our marketing expertise along with a platform to sell your products with ease. With charity in heart and love for our true heroes (Who we call Gifters), was born. 

Henceforth, to be known as the first of its kind eCommerce-multivendor platform for local businesses to easily get started online and sell right away.

Arona Digital is a tech-start up that focuses on providing state-of-the-art technological solutions with a focus of improving digital ROI. However, we understand that digital solutions work in tandem with digital marketing. Therefore, we transformed ourselves as a full-service eCommerce Agency.

But, can anything work if the users do not engage? That is why we invest hours on developing aesthetically pleasing creatives and back it up with data. Data that stays in the core of everything we create. 

Join with us to build a data-driven eCommerce journey for you on

Gift. LK is the first eCommerce marketplace built for the skilful Ceylonese giftmakers to showcase their skills. Today, we house over 100 such talent and provide them with the platform to reach out to their end customers with ease while creating a unique experience.

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