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We present to you the opportunity to join the resurgence of local businesses movement in Sri Lanka. With, you’re part of a community of many just like you who dream to succeed and bring glory to our country.

Why Collaborate With Us

Not only it is a breeze to register and get started, but also you provide your customers with multitude features to increase the engagement with you and increase your revenue. Not only short term but long term as well. If that does not impress you, do notice with us you also get the support of eCommerce marketing expert who will guide you every step of the way. But that is not all, scroll down to see more.

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You’re joining an ever growing network of businesses

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Fastest’s growing gifting platform in the country you love the most.

Getting Started Is Easy

We know you’re already busy doing what you’re doing, so we thrive to make your on-boarding process simple and convenient. If you somehow feel even this process is difficult, do let us know; so we’ll arrange one of our experts to set up with store for you. You’re only a few seconds away from starting your eCommerce journey with Gift.LK.


Follow the below button to create an account and complete your store.

List Gifts

List your products in an attractive manner to the customers

Do Marketing

It is important to market your store on Gift.LK. We’ll provide you materials.

Enjoy Sales!

Be prepared for sales. It is important to check your emails in a timely manner.

Important things to know​

On as a vendor you have multiple ways of arranging delivery as below. 

  • Free shipping – you can choose to offer free shipping to your customers. Either after a certain basket value or straight up. 
  • Local Pickup – You can offer a rate to allow your customer to pick Gifts from your warehouse.
  • Aramex Delivery – offers delivery in partnership with Aramex to offer you and your customers with ultimate convenience. Check here for the rates.

However, if you want to offer FREE SHIPPING in  order to drive more sales in partnership with us; please get in touch with us

If you’re thinking like that, we are on the same page. In order to make sure the products are received in the optimal state we request you to take measures to pack as if you’re sending the Gift to the other part of the world. Because that is not something or the delivery partner can attend to. Packaging is solely your responsibility. And we are confident you will do it extremely well. 

Oh hell no! It does not make sense for you to go through the hard work of setting up your store and then having to us pay right? So no! We do not charge you to list products on

That is nice of you to wonder how you could pay us back. In order to sustain the business and serve you and your customers for a long time we charge a commission fee of 15% from each sale that takes place on the platform. Basically that is all we charge from you. And that too after you have made a sale. 

At we value customers above anything else. In order to offer the best service, we can, starting off we will be delivering only within a restricted area to ensure our customers receive a reliable service. To learn more on the delivery area please click here. 


  1. Click here to create a vendor account. Then you will receive a confirmation email (if you have not received it after 2 minutes, please check your spam/junk folder). Follow the confirmation link to verify your account.
  2. After that go to your dashboard using the menu or by clicking here
  3. After that you can go to the ‘product’ tab to start uploading your products. However, if you find it difficult to find it. Please click here. 

That is basically it. You’re ready. In order to make your store look good, follow the instructions on the dashboard to add a profile picture (Recommended to use your business logo) and set up a cover picture. 

Now you’re good to go!

Here is a quick video to show you how to find it –

There are 3 shipping classes as below and each has a different way of calculating your earnings.

  • Gift.LK Handled – Free Shipping: if this is chosen, we assume you have included the shipping fee from this chart ( Therefore will first deduct the shipping fee accordingly before calculating your earning by reducing the commission.

    Eg: If are in Zone B you need to include Rs. 200 to enable free shipping. Then let’s assume you made a sale of Rs. 1000 for a product that has the shipping class as ‘free shipping’.

    First, we deduct Rs. 200 from Rs. 1000 to arrive at the product price of Rs. 800 and then reduce the agreed commission to decide your earning.

  • GiftMaker Handles Shipping – this means you are handling the shipping, therefore we will charge the commission out of the listed price.

  • Gift.LK Handled – Shipping Charged or no shipping class: shipping fee is charged to the customer and your earning is calculated by deducing the commission from the listed price.

Yes, we do provide video tutorials.

Learn how to upload a product

Prepare your shop in 2 minutes

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Gift. LK is the first eCommerce marketplace built for the skilful Ceylonese giftmakers to showcase their skills. Today, we house over 100 such talent and provide them with the platform to reach out to their end customers with ease while creating a unique experience.

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